LIVE “Office Bootcamp" with GetKristenFit
(45 min)

5 minute dynamic warm up ( get the joints lose/ muscles warm/ build up heart rate)

25 minutes of interval style strength and cardio movements 

15 low intensity core/ stretching/ cooling down 

Get Kristen Fit will lead a full body, interval style workout that is suitable for most fitness levels!  This first workout will utilize movements that most people are familiar with but will give options for anyone who would like to make the workout less or more intense!   The workout will be designed to get your heart rate up, burn calories and get you sweaty but you can always go at your own pace! You will finish feeling fatigued yet energized!  All you’ll need is a mat, towel, and water bottle 🙂

Pricing :

45 min virtual class : 

    $120  up to 25 participants

    $150 up to 26-50  participants

    $175 up to 99 participants

    $200 over 100 participants

*can host on Zoom or join your host

** inquire about 30 or 60 minutes classes 

*** other workout formats also available

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