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Strong Body

Move Better

GKF to:
  • Establish better body awareness and functional mechanics for daily life and for exercise.

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Recovery from injury

  • Improve posture

  • Develop balance, flexibility, mobility, stability, agility, power, and strength

  • Decrease stiffness/aches/pains

  • Improve: aerobic capacity, recovery time, speed, and endurance

  • Sports/competitive performance

Healthy Mind

Feel Better

GKF to:
  • Rest your mindset/improve mental health

  • Debunk wellness fads and myths

  • Establish a balanced approach when it comes to fitness + health

  • Achieve your goals/feel accomplished

  • Have a genuine support system

  • Increase energy

  • Decrease stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Better immune function

  • Feel comfortable and competent in many different fitness/activity scenarios

Fuel Your Best Life

Live Better

GKF to:
  • Improve your quality of life

  • Establish long term lifestyle habits

  • Train for longevity and the ability to stay active and able bodied long into old age

  • Develop a healthy and balanced relationship with exercise

  • Achieve a positive body image

  • Maintain a positive sense of self

  • Avoid over exercising

  • Improve functional fitness to make daily life easier

  • Have the strength to take on new physical challenges

  • Improve your mood

  • Reduce your risk of developing disease & illnesss

  • Become a member of an amazing community

  • Enjoy a new zest for life

real people, real results

“I am so happy I stumbled upon GKF because I would have not made it through quarantine without Kristen and the community. The classes push me and work muscles I didn't know I had. They are fun, but most importantly I love the people a part of GFK. I look forward to "seeing" my new friends online or at the track for some butt kicking.”
Online Studio, Sweat 6 & Outdoor Workouts

Real People, Real Results

"Get Kristen Fit is the kind of person that works very hard to make sure that she is providing the best workout and never compromises."
Online Studio and Outdoor Classes

Real People, Real Results

"Kristen genuinely cares about us and gets to know us as individuals, which makes you all the more committed."
Online Studio

Real People, Real Results

“Get Kristen Fit doesn’t give you an opportunity to doubt yourself during her intense workouts. She knows when you think you can’t and instinctually mentally pushes us through with nothing less than a ‘can’ attitude. I am so appreciative of GKF and her ability to design programs based on my specific needs but yet coaches me through her group workouts with ease (and A LOT of sweat).”
Online Studio, Outdoor Classes, and Private Training

Real People, Real Results

“Get Kristen Fit’s workouts are my favorite ! They make me feel like the 8 year old girl who LOVED sports and preferred playing with the boys. By the age of 10 I was told I was ‘too much’ , and ‘I should settle down and take ballet lessons and ‘be a lady’. I was told to be a cheerleader rather than play basketball. The thing that has helped me the most to reconnect with that 8 year old is to be treated like a genuine athlete. I can’t thank Get Kristen Fit enough. Sometimes your body knows what your head doesn’t and you just have to start in the body first. <3 .”
Online Studio and Outdoor Classes

Real People, Real Results

"Kristen understands bodies of all shapes and ages. I am a 56 year-old woman who experienced knee surgery in January and began training and taking GKF classes in March. Six months later, my body is better than it was on my wedding day 30 years ago! My form is better and I am stronger. Through these uncertain times, Kristen has created a community of women who lift one another up. I look forward to being a member of the GKF family well into my 80s"
Online Studio and Sweat 6
sweat 6 program from Get Kristen Fit, personal trainer in Auburndale, MA
sweat 6
r in Auburndale, MA
OutDoor Workouts
Online workout with Get Kristen Fit, personal trainer in Auburndale, MA
outdoor workouts
h Get Kristen Fit, personal trainer in Auburndale, MA
live on zoom
Kristen Collinson, personal trainer in Auburndale , MA
on demand workouts

Results Driven Fitness

Move Better.  Feel Better.  Spend More Time LIVING!

GKF In Studio Experience

The GKF Online Studio workouts designed to bring us "together" in experiencing the GKF method of training. Not only will you improve your overall fitness, strength and body composition, but you WILL be taught how to properly perform and progress each exercise! There are no other group fitness CLASSES out there that can make you sweat this much all while training you for longevity and a lifetime of exercise. The Zoom class programs change monthly to progress you through different stages of building muscle, losing fat, building endurance, building work capacity, and developing functional movement patterns.  It’s like custom training available in a class format!  To get the best results it is recommended that you take class LIVE or On Demand 6 days per week.  You can always modify to meet your needs and schedule.
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You Choose how to GKF!

Turf time with GKF is like no other! Supplement your GKF online program IRL with some fresh air and a motivating team atmosphere! These (socially distanced) workouts follow the GKF training methodology combined with athletic conditioning and additional personalization specific to the members in class!
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Become a Member

Consistency is the key to results! If you’re ready to invest in yourself,  to be part of an inspiring community, and to establish an enjoyable and dependable routine during these uncertain times…..Then a GKF Membership is right for you!   By becoming a GKF Member you are  securing  the path to fuel your best life by building a strong(er) body and MIND. GKF’s three membership options means that  you can choose what makes the most sense for you!  All  memberships include 24/7 access to a selection of  full length On Demand classes  so that you will never be without a go-to workout plan! Stop wasting your time deciding what workout  to do and just push play!  Secure Founding Member rates soon before the prices increase!
Stay on the program with LIVE GKF workouts right from your home (or wherever you may be traveling to!) Through Zoom you can turn your camera on for form corrections and shout outs!
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Everyone's an athlete!

The GKF Outdoor workout is the ultimate group fitness experience.  Whether you are an experienced athlete or new to fitness, everyone is on the same team once we hit the turf! These in person (socially distanced) workouts are congruent with the current GKF online programming but also offers additional personalization to the members in class. With over 10 years of industry experience, GKF is the best at creating and curating team workouts that are inclusive yet challenging for all fitness levels.
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