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The GKF Online Studio workouts designed to bring us "together" in experiencing the GKF method of training. Not only will you improve your overall fitness, strength and body composition, but you WILL be taught how to properly perform and progress each exercise! There are no other group fitness CLASSES out there that can make you sweat this much all while training you for longevity and a lifetime of exercise. The Zoom class programs change monthly to progress you through different stages of building muscle, losing fat, building endurance, building work capacity, and developing functional movement patterns.  It’s like custom training available in a class format!  To get the best results it is recommended that you take class LIVE or On Demand at least 3 days per week.  You can always modify to meet your needs and schedule.

What you’ll do: Workouts in the Online Studio can be booked by anyone who has a membership, Zoom class package or drop-in credits. Workout times/ lengths/ and equipment needed varies but all information can be found in the class descriptions! For most classes, you will only need dumbbells.  You will receive an email 15 minutes before class with the zoom link or you can access the zoom link right from your account. Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early or even more if you are new to the program to get set up and hear initial instructions. Classes are taught as a “do- along” for the most part so you can follow the instructor who will also be giving lots of verbal cues. There will be some breaks for instruction, especially when the exercises are new or extra challenging. You can work at your own pace the whole time. Most people prefer to have their video on, but you can choose to keep it off if you prefer. Everyone but the instructor will be on mute once class starts. The workouts always include a lengthy warm up and a cool down.

What you’ll get: Over zoom the GKF  coach can see everyone in class and provide the proper cueing, corrections and motivation as needed on a personal level!  Zoom allows for the GKF community to connect and put faces with the names you hear being called out in class. (of course turning your video on is optional).  If you show up early, you can chat with your friends and the coach, see the other participants  working hard in class, and have a chance to show off your hard work with and share an occasional  “spotlight”.  The exercise  instruction you will receive in GKF Zoom classes is second to none!  You will gain exceptional knowledge about your body and how to correctly perform the exercises.  The more classes you take, the more you will learn, and the stronger you will become. 

The details: Equipment needed for each class is in the class description.  

“GKF is my FAVORITE trainer these days!! Her workouts are always challenging and vary, and she knows how to push just enough. She makes sure that you are performing each exercise the proper way and modifies according to your needs. Her energy and cheerfulness always make my workouts present and fun as well. I feel accomplished after taking her class. ”

Yuka, Online Studio Member

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