Kristen Collinson (Leontie)

Hi! I’m Kristen, the face behind the GetKristenFit brand, which I officially launched in April of 2014.   My whole life I have been an athlete (track, soccer, distance running) and a fitness enthusiast.  In 2009,  I  received my Bachelor's degree in Health Science from Northeastern University and in the years following I  gained experience and expertise by working  full time as a personal trainer,  and group fitness instructor. 

The health and fitness industry is  always evolving and I work hard to stay educated and approach my work in fitness with the mentality that there is more than one way of doing things.  There are many methods and systems that work and that are safe, and I truly believe that the best trainers have an open mind and tailor their programs to the specific needs of their clients  or audience.

I take extreme pride in the fact that I have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology and the science that determines how the human body works, how it responds and adapts to stimuli, and how to design programming to yield specific results for clients.  

The best recipe for success when it comes to your health and fitness is to find something that is challenging yet enjoyable and maintainable long term.   GetKristenFit is a lifestyle that incorporates the things your body needs to function optimally, (purposeful exercise & 80-90% clean nutrition) with the things that make you feel happy (less functional exercise & 10-20% happy food/bev). My motivation style is: NO EXCUSES.   I myself have always been internally motivated, especially when it comes to fitness and performance.   There is a plan for everyone, there are modifications for everyone, there is a way for everyone to feel and look their best but you have to be willing to put your excuses behind you and  GO FOR IT!!!!!
I will be your motivator, your cheerleader,  and your drill sergeant when you need it... because  at the end of the day I see the potential and desire in everyone and it is my mission to bring out  the best version of you!!!!!!!  

The GKF Method:

The GKF brand is a compilation of comprehensive programs, an inclusive community, and all the tools necessary for one to build and maintain their strongest and most confident mind and body.

Instead of creating a habitat where insecurities can hide, clients find comfort instead of results, and true potential is never reached, Get Kristen Fit truly understands what it takes and what is necessary to get YOU to achieve your fitness goals.    GKF  creates an environment that encourages everyone to step it up onto a stage where you are a badass athlete and your potential is limitless.   At GKF we encourage you to discover purpose and direction within the exercise, to develop a new level of intensity, and to find an athlete's drive and commitment that will lead you to success, not only in  fitness,  but also in other aspects of your life. 

Strong Body

Move Better

GKF to:
  • Establish better body awareness and functional mechanics for daily life and for exercise.

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Recovery from injury

  • Improve posture

  • Develop balance, flexibility, mobility, stability, agility, power, and strength

  • Decrease stiffness/aches/pains

  • Develop balance, flexibility, mobility, stability, agility, power, and strength

  • Improve: aerobic capacity, recovery time, speed, and endurance

  • Sports/competitive performance

Healthy Mind

Feel Better

GKF to:
  • Rest your mindset/improve mental health

  • Debunk wellness fads and myths

  • Establish a balanced approach when it comes to fitness + health

  • Achieve your goals/feel accomplished

  • Have a genuine support system

  • Increase energy

  • Decrease stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Better immune function

  • Feel comfortable and competent in many different fitness/activity scenarios

Fuel Your Best Life

Live Better

GKF to:
  • Improve your quality of life

  • Establish long term lifestyle habits

  • Train for longevity and the ability to stay active and able bodied long into old age

  • Develop a healthy and balanced relationship with exercise

  • Achieve a positive body image

  • Maintain a positive sense of self

  • Avoid over exercising

  • Improve functional fitness to make daily life easier

  • Have the strength to take on new physical challenges

  • Improve your mood

  • Reduce your risk of developing disease & illnesss

  • Become a member of an amazing community

  • Enjoy a new zest for life

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